13 reasons why the Belgian people are still standing strong

What happened yesterday in our little country Belgium was really terrible. We are all shocked, devastated and we feel scared. And we know that a lot of our foreign friends were very worried about us. With this, we want to tell you that we will be okay, eventually. Because despite what happened, we are still standing strong … And here are 13 reasons why:

1. No matter how f*cked up this is, we’re all in this together

Nathalie De Bisschop – newsmonkey
We support each other, no matter what.

2. And we feel supported by all of you

And we know that we’ll get out of this … together.

3. And yes, we’re scared … but we’ll never give up

Brave Little Belgium.

4. We know that we have to stay strong to make this world a safe place to live in for our children

Nathalie De Bisschop – newsmonkey
That’s what we’re willing to fight for.

5. But we also know it’s okay to be angry, to cry and to scream

We can let it all out.

6. We still have our sense of humour which makes us stronger

And we’ll never lose it.

7. And we use it to express our anger:

Which really helps.

8. We still believe that we can make this world a better place …

For everyone.

9. Not only with our beer, french fries or chocolate, but also because of who we are

Little, but brave.

10. There’s so much solidarity in our country right now

Nathalie De Bisschop – newsmonkey

People are doing selfless acts, like donating blood and taking care of total strangers.

11. And that’s why we still believe in love and humanity

Nathalie De Bisschop – newsmonkey
And we’ll never stop doing that.

12. We find comfort, support and strength in so many songs

Music holds us together.

13. And finally: all we want is ‘a better place for you and for me’

Which we WILL achieve.
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